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Mystery of the shield

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July 30th, 2006

02:51 pm
For the time being I'm moving over to Xanga

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July 13th, 2006

04:23 pm - Birthday Party
Yesterday evening I had a birthday party at my house. I just turned 23. I was amazed by the turnout of people that were there. If a person who is reading this was there, thank you. I enjoyed seeing you all. And thank you for all of the wonderful cards and gifts.

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June 30th, 2006

03:57 pm
I really looking forward to the 4th of July weekend. Tomorrow a friend of mine will be getting married and tomorrow evening a friend of mine will be having a going away party. It will be an opportunity to see a lot of people. It makes me happy.

Here is an excerpt from my old Blurty, the rest of it is available at www.geocities.com/brent.shambaugh It's taken out of context, but I'm sure you'll get the idea.
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June 13th, 2006

04:54 pm
I took my bicycle in yesterday to get fixed. It had a bent rim that needs to be straightened. In addition, the tire that sits on the rim became frayed. I'm guessing the condition of the tire was a result of the rim being bent.

I saw Scott Mullin in the hall today. I told him that I intend on playing volleyball this evening. I hope this will be fun. It would be even better if I knew how to serve well.

I have learned a lot about relationships recently. The basis of relationships is trust. In addition, you have to be willing to put everything you have into them and not think about yourself. From my experience, good relationships don't seem to happen if you try hard to make them happen on your terms. It seems to me that the foundation of a good relationship is not thinking about yourself, but instead being attentive of the needs of the person that you are relating to. Secondly, in order to build this quality relationship the needs of the person need to be satisfied if it is proper to do so. This may require making sacrifices, or giving up certain mental reservations.

One interesting thing that I’ve noticed the good relationships that I have, I didn’t always realize I had. In some cases, I don’t remember how I met the person that I have the relationship with. It seems that a day comes when I can relate to a person really well.

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May 23rd, 2006

01:51 pm - apology
I apologize for the recent depressing post. I may see more people sure that I will see more people than I think I will. For example, I will see people this coming weekend for Laura Kerr and Ben Lopez's wedding. I will be going down with Cole and possibly Vicki. So I will get to see both of them, along with of course Laura and Ben.

I'm going to delay the previous post. I will think of things to say about my classmates later.
In the meantime, its macroeconomics time.

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May 19th, 2006

03:38 pm
I'm sitting here in M206. The very place I cannot leave, I miss. There were so many memories built in this room, both discouraging and enlightening. The computer lab is just a room, just as a classroom is just a room, and a bedroom is just a room. What is common to all of them is that people use them. It's the people that I miss. I don't miss the homework, or the projects, or all of the computers crashing. The most difficult thing now is to move forward. I feel like I am in a canoe with no paddle in the middle of the ocean. I feel at times as if I have nothing. I wonder where people have gone, or if I will ever see them again. Or if I see them again, for how long will I see them, or how frequently. The only things I can really do are move on and try hard to hold onto the relationships I have, but be willing to build new ones.

I am really delighted that I made it so far through engineering. I only have one class left to take, and that is Macroeconomics. I think the people around me really helped me get through. All of their encouragement was really helpful. I don’t think I could have made it without you Mr. Clifton or Mr. Howell. Thank you Dejuan for the awesome summer we had in the lab. Moui, you are awesome. We need to do the Raptor together more. Season, you’re happiness is always in season. Clare, thank you for the awesome party that you threw at the end of the year. Frow, I don’t think there could be a better Baginator. Do you want to play Poker? I think I’d lose. Scott D., you’re very witty. Keep it up. Tyler, thank you for being a great friend. Susan, you’re not as bad as people put you out to be. Once I got to know you I found you have a really soft character. Jessica, you’re amazing. Scott M, yes I will play volleyball with you. I hope you enjoy grad school. Vicki, you made life a little brighter. Emily, I don’t know how you did it. Go team! Will continue later…

Speaking of people, I saw Muhannad Rabeh and Joe Quddus today. It wasn’t really expected. I’ve also seen Mehdi, Cicely and Kim. As for others, maybe they've left town or are spending time at home.

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April 18th, 2006

08:27 pm - campus corner
I went to the Pita Pit with Cole, Season, Susan, Victoria, and Katherine. I enjoyed hanging out with them, but I must say that I will miss them when I graduate.

Best thing about Cole:
He's huge! To some he is either a pillow or a big fuzzy monster. (Ask the womenfolk)

"" Season:
If you met her one of the first things that you would notice is her personality. She is very soft spoken, but she has a good sense of humor.

"" Susan:
Despite many views about her, she has a very soft heart.

"" Victoria:
Outgoing. If you're down she will brighten your spirits.

"" Katherine:
Vicki's sidekick.

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April 16th, 2006

09:04 pm
Happy Easter Everyone! I hope that it went well! God bless!

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April 12th, 2006

07:27 pm - recent happenings...
I accepted an offer to the University of Kansas last week to attend graduate school in the department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. I will be going to Lawrence this fall. I'm thinking that I may work with Dr. Nguyen doing fuel cell research if he has space available. I am fairly certain at this point that working in this area is what I want to do. If space is not available with Dr. Nguyen, I may consider working with Dr. Williams to determine better ways to produce hydrogen from synthesis gas.

ChE Capstone has been really stressful recently for me. I am finding it difficult to work dilligently on the project when I am uncertain of what my goals are. I have a vauge idea, but I need to contine to develop them.

I will be helping out with the sound system during senior banquet(granted no unforseen changes). I am a complete novice when it comes to operating a sound system, so much edification will be needed. I think it will be exciting though.

Cathryn McIntrye visited Norman two weeks ago with her daughter Esther. I went to visit her at her parent's home along with her sister-in-law Kelly McIntryre, and her friends Gabe Garfield, the Paynes and the Pyles.

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April 6th, 2006

10:58 pm - A few words from periods of discombobulation:
*I used to know a lot of cool science stuff, but then I went to college. Now I don’t know what happened.

*Brain Maintenance:

Defragment Drive Brain: Little or no order found. Do you wish to defragment? Y/N?

Scan: No Sanity Detected

Cleanup: Deleting all temporary class files.

*How to use any word in a sentence:

_____ is a word that I am unsure of the meaning, but I am using it because it sounds good.

*Life has been different since I hit my head on the doorframe while running through my house. I used to impress myself with my intelligence, but now I impress myself with my stupidity.

*When mom is away, the boys will play. We be partying with Daddy.

*An observation:

The more knowledge you acquire, the funnier life becomes.

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